Assorted Pew Bows

Pew bows can be used to decorate the ceremony and then moved to the reception for decoration also. Chenille wire makes them easy to attach to almost anything. You can choose all white ribbons, or include your color in the ribbons. Flowers that match your wedding will be centered in the bows. The bows feature tulle bows behind your ribbons, and long, flowing streamers of tulle and ribbon.
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Large $6.50 each
(12 Loops Ribbon, Two Flowers, 6 Loops Tulle)

Rose Color

Ribbon Color


Small $5.50 each
(10 Loops, One Flower, 6 Loops Tulle)

Rose Color

Ribbon Color

Pearl loops, sprays, or hearts; Additional Accent Ribbon (such as Metallic Silver or Gold); Butterflies; Pair of Silver or Gold Rings, Additional Rosebud
Add to your cart and then change the quantity in your shopping cart to reflect the total accessories required

Each accessory upgrade is $0.25 per bow


  Deluxe Pew Bows
Satin Wired Ribbon, Satin Acetate Ribbon, Tulle, Two Victorian Rosebuds, Ivy (indicate rose color at checkout)
$9.25 each

Satin Acetate Ribbon

Satin Wired Ribbon

 White Mini Pew Bows
White Pull Bows
(18 small loops, 5′ wide)
Unassembled (very easy to do yourself)
$1.25 each

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Rosebuds for Standard Pew Bows and Pew Arrangements:

Rosebuds for Deluxe Pew Bows and Pew Arrangements:
Victorian Roses: Burgundy, Ivory, Two-tone Blue, Sage, Beige, Purple,
Antique Lavender, Pink, Mauve, Yellow, Two-tone Peach, Khaki

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Standard Bows



With an accessory:  (pearl hearts and extra rosebud)


(metallic silver ribbon)


Large Bow with 2 rosebuds

Deluxe Bows (include satin wired ribbon loops and 2 rosebuds)