• Reasons why you might want to choose silk or artificial flowers for your wedding :


    We offer competitive prices for a great quality of design.
    Compare our quality and prices to those of your local craft stores (for artificial) and your local flower shops (for fresh).


    Artificial flowers allow you to save bundles from expensive preservation methods used on fresh flowers. You will be able to save your wedding flowers for life, and maybe even pass them on to a loved one.

    Silk flowers give you one less worry on the day of your wedding, since you won’t be worrying about keeping your flowers fresh for the ceremony and reception.


    Buying artificial flowers allows you to choose flowers that may not be in season.
    Silk flowers also give you more flexibility in your choice of colors.

    One of the best advantages of buying silk wedding flowers is that you can
    HAVE YOUR FLOWERS IN ADVANCE for pre-wedding photo shoots, and also have them available for
    out-of-town receptions.


    If the bride, groom, or anyone in the wedding party suffers from allergies, artificial flowers are the answer.
     (If allergies are not a concern, you can have the flowers scented.)


    • We offer several different styles, colors, sizes, and flowers on our site. Our service allows you to customize your order to fit your needs.
      We also post digital pictures of your flowers on a personal webpage created for you to
      view and approve of the flowers prior to your wedding!


      Dangerous pesticides are used on fresh flowers.  These pesticides negatively impact local water supplies, runoff into our oceans, and affect the health of wildlife and laborers.  Most of the fresh flowers in the US are imported from poorer countries.  Laborers in those countries are exposed to high levels of toxins from the pesticides used on fresh flowers.

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