Greenery and Flower garlands add elegance to every wedding.  Garlands are an inexpensive way to decorate a garden arch, the aisle, the cake and gift table, banisters, the bridal head table, or anything else at your wedding ceremony and reception.
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All garlands are $8 each -or- $75 for 10
Our garlands are ordered directly from the distributor once you place your order and will take 1-3 weeks to deliver.
*Free shipping does not apply to Non-US addresses; you will be billed for the additional international postage prior to your shipment being fulfilled.


Greenery Garlands:

English Ivy Chain Garland 6 ft
One for $8
Ten for $

Two Mini English Ivy Garland 9 ft ea (18′ total)
Two for $8
Twenty for $

Frost Summer Grape Garland 6 ft
One for $8
Ten for $

Choose Garland


Choose Garland

Floral Garlands:

White Wisteria 72′

Purple Wisteria 72′

Lavender Wisteria 72′

Cream White Spring Rose 72′

 Burgundy Spring Rose 72′

 Peach Spring Rose 72′

 Pink Spring Rose 72′

 Blue Spring Rose 72′

 Mauve Spring Rose 72′

Cream Dried Look Rose 72′

Burgundy Dried Look Rose 72′

Pink Dried Look Rose 72′

Yellow Dried Look Rose 72′

Blue Dried Look Rose 72′

Peach Dried Look Rose 72′

Sunflower 72′

$8 (Single garland)

Garland & Color

$75 (Ten garlands)

Garland & Color

The dried look rose garlands are perfect for fall or Victorian themed weddings. 



 Free 8x10 print, expires July 31

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