These pew baskets are filled with various silk rosebuds and ribbons (and optional tulle for deluxe pews). 
They clip onto pews, fences, chairs, railings, etc. 
These pew markers are an excellent choice for the front pews.

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Regular Size: Vein Rosebuds _ Satin Acetate Ribbon
 $15 each

Rose Color

Ribbon Color


Deluxe Style: Victorian Rosebuds, Ribbon, optional Tulle
 $18 each
Choose your Satin Acetate Ribbon and Rose Colors  (indicate tulle color at checkout)

Satin Acetate Ribbon

Victorian Rosebud


Rosebuds for Standard Pew Bows and Pew Arrangements:

Rosebuds for Deluxe Pew Bows and Pew Arrangements:
Victorian Roses: Burgundy, Ivory, Two-tone Blue, Sage, Beige, Purple,
Antique Lavender, Pink, Mauve, Yellow, Two-tone Peach, Khaki

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