Pew Decorations:
We offer a wide selection of pew decorations: pew bows, pew floral arrangements, and small pew pomanders (kissing balls).  For a more elegant and fuller look, combine your pew markers with garlands that drape the entire length of the aisle.
Please indicate your wedding date at checkout so we can schedule a time for delivery.  It is best for the pew decorations to be made as close to the date as possible so that they are fresh for the wedding and not droopy or smashed.  We prefer to ship them 7-10 days before the wedding.

Pew bows with ivy accentsBows with RosebudsPew Bows and accessories
Pew Bows

Pew Arrangements

Pew Pomanders

Flower and greenery garlands for the aisle, wedding arch, reception tables, stair banisters, bridal head table, columns and more.  All of our garlands are $8 each or discounted at $68 for 10 garlands with free shipping included!  Our garlands’ delivery time is approximately 2 weeks.

Ivy Garland Chain (seen above in the pew pomanders picture)

Spring Rose Garlands

Wisteria Garlands

Floral Swags:
Flower swags can decorate the altar, wedding garden arch, bridal head table, entrance doors and more.   We offer manufactured swags or custom made swags. Our swags’ delivery time is approximately 2 weeks.

Rose, Lily, Gerbera

Victorian Rose

Rose Hydrangea

Flower Girl, Ring Bearer and Rose Petals:
Flower girl baskets, Ring Bearer Pillows, and Artificial Rose Petals.  We offer 14 colors of large rose petals.  Rose petals can be used in the flower girl basket, to line the aisle, filled in paper cones given to guests to toss on the couple instead of confetti or rice, or scattered on the reception tables.


Wreaths can decorate the altar, wedding garden arch, entrance doors, front pews and more.   We offer manufactured wreaths or custom made wreaths. Our wreaths’ delivery time is approximately 2 weeks.

Garden Arches:
Use a garden arch for your altar, for the entrance to your aisle, or just for a beautiful location to take pictures at your wedding location.  For information on how to rent a decorated arch in Puget Sound, WA, visit our Rental Options page.


Cake Toppers and Floral Sprays:
Custom cake toppers and floral sprays are available to decorate your wedding cake.  Loose flowers are also available.


Don’t forget to check out our Centerpieces section for Altar arrangements and Reception Table Centerpieces!

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