White Casablanca Lilies, White Lilies, White Magnolias (no longer available), White Roses; Your color Rosebuds and Bamboo
(Shown below with Navy Blue rosebuds)
The Flower meanings of these flowers are: noble, majestic, love, lucky

New flowers are now being used than the ones pictured.  Higher quality Casablanca lilies will take center-stage in this bouquet; surrounded by white roses and buds and rosebuds in the color of your choice:

Bridal Cascade $59

Rosebud Colors

Bridesmaid Hand-tied Bouquets $17
White Casablanca Lily, Your color rosebud, Bamboo, and Accent Flowers (Forget-me-nots are shown)
(Florist chooses the accent flowers based on availability and color)


Rosebud Colors

Boutonnieres for the groom, groomsmen, and male family members. 
Groom wears a double boutonniere (two rosebuds); the other boutonnieres are a single bud. 
Accent flowers can be added to match bridesmaids.

   Single boutonnieres  $3.75:

Rose Color

 Double boutonnieres $4.50:

Rose Color


Various combinations are possible using the materials in this package to create corsages for the Mothers and other female family members. 
Each corsage can have 2-3 flowers and will be accented with a white satin bow.
Your custom requests can be e-mailed to us once you purchase this package.
The white Casablanca lilies are too large for the corsages, so all-rose corsages are recommended.

Corsages separately for $5.90

Rose Colors


Photos courtesy of The Anderson’s married in 2004: