The arm bouquet (also known as the arm-held, arm sheath, pageant, or presentation bouquet) is perfect for long-stemmed flowers.  The bouquet is carried on the left forearm and graces past the elbow.  The stems can be tied ballerina style, or wrapped with ribbon completely.  Larger, fuller bouquets look fresh-picked from the garden and are perfect for the bride.  Smaller floral sprays (seen below) are an appropriate and popular choice
for the bridal attendants (maid-of-honor and bridesmaids).


Nature’s Touch Arm Bouquet

Part of the Nature’s Touch Collection.
Roses, Rosebuds, Lilies, Fern, Frosted Ivy
Many Colors available

Ivory Garden Arm Bouquet

Found in the Ivory Garden Collection.
Roses, Romance Tea Rosebuds,
Fern, Grape Ivy
Several Colors available


Natural Calla Long Stemmed Bouquet
Calla Ballerina Arm Bouquet

Order information found in the Calla Teardrop Collection.  Natural Stem callas are life-like and hard-to-find.  Sometimes they are unavailable and a substitute is used.

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