We offer several different styles of bouquets: Cascading (waterfall, tear-drop, and crescent styles), Round Nosegay (Round bouquet created in bouquet holder), Hand-tied (Posey stems wrapped with ribbon), Pomander (spherical ‘kissing balls’), and Pageant (also known as Arm or Presentation bouquets).  The flowers can be designed in contemporary, Victorian, country garden, tropical, Oriental, Austrian colonial, or any other style that compliments your personality, wedding theme and bridal gown. 
Choose your bridal bouquet first, and then on each bouquet’s page is a list of coordinating items for the bridesmaids and other wedding party attendants.  Feel free to mix and match different styles for your wedding (i.e. the Bride bouquet doesn’t have to match the design of the Maid-of-Honor bouquet).  Our most popular Bride’s bouquet is the Cascade bouquet, followed closely by the Hand Tied Bouquet.  
The silk and dried flowers we use are top quality.  At your request, we can use lesser quality materials to save you money.  We still design them in such a way that the quality of the design is not compromised.  You can see several examples of our designs that use more affordable materials (as indicated by the cheaper prices).

Cascade Bouquet:

The cascading bouquet is our most popular bridal bouquet. Cascading bouquets are perfect for A-line bridal gowns,
and gowns that don’t have very much detail at the waist. Browse our full gallery of cascading bouquets.

Ivory Fairy Tale Cascade: Plumosa Garden

Ivory Garden: Orchids, Peonies, Roses, Ivy

Fall Harvest Cascade

Round Nosegay Bouquet:

Our Round Nosegay Bouquets are created in bouquet holders that orient the flowers to face forward. This style of bouquet is popular for the Maid-of-Honor and Bridesmaids.  Browse our full gallery of round nosegays.

Lavender Kiss 2 Lavender Kiss Aubergine Pearl

Hand Tied Bouquet:

Our Hand Tied Bouquets (also known as posy, clutch, stem-tied) are the second most popular for the Bride, and the most popular for Attendants.  If the stems are not realistic enough, we cover them by wrapping the stems completely in ribbon.  If the stems are realistic, we can tie them ballerina-style, or just wrap the top half. The flowers can also be placed into a Victorian tussy mussy (as known as tuzzy muzzy or tussie mussie).
Browse our full gallery of hand tied bouquets.

Spring Garden Clutch Holiday Romance Fairy Tale: Pinks

Pomander Bouquet:

Our Pomander Bouquets (also known as Kissing Balls, Floral Balls, Rose Balls) are the most popular for the Flower Girl.  However, we do offer sizes for the Bride and Bridal Attendants.  These unique bouquets will add that ‘special touch’ to your wedding.  The round sphere symbolizes eternity.

Victorian Rose: Blue, Purple, Beige Victorian Rose: Pink, Cream, Plum Red Rose Pomander

Pageant Arm Bouquet:

The arm bouquet (also known as the arm-held, arm sheath, pageant, or presentation bouquet) is perfect for long-stemmed flowers.  The bouquet is carried on the left forearm and graces past the elbow.  The stems can be tied ballerina style, or wrapped with ribbon completely.  Larger, fuller bouquets look fresh-picked from the garden and are perfect for the bride.  Smaller floral sprays are appropriate for the bridesmaids.